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If you want to play FreeLancer online as a vista user, there are somethings you should check if it isn't working (Connection timeout).
Norton, mcafee securityCenter or Kaspersky aren't allowed to be installed on your PC, deactivating them won't do the job. If you have Avast! you have to deinstall the NetworkShield. You should eventual turn off IPv6 and give a static LAN IP Addresse in the IPv4.
Alternativly, it has been confirmed that the Vista Service Pack 2 fixes this problem.
Before applying the GLS-Workaround/Multiplayer-Patch right-click on the shortcut or FLMM.exe -> Properties, tick on "Execute as Admin" and set the compability mode to Win XP or Win 2000. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions or problems !

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